Travel Day

This year my spring break started out with yet another interview. I was more nervous than normal for this one because this company was my number one choice. I needed to make sure to put my best foot forward, and unlike last week, needed to confidently answer their questions rather than stumbling around in the dark. The group of people I got to interview with were very nice and it was neat to see how passionate they are about their projects. As I left the office they all wished me good luck at NCAA’s and I returned to my parents house feeling very positive about the entire experience. I was already looking forward to hearing back from them with my fingers crossed for the best!

After completing my (hopefully) last interview, it was time to switch mental gears to 100% skiing! Let the fun part of Spring Break begin! Before meeting up with the rest of my team at the hotel my dad and I went for a quick ski at Hyland Park. Unfortunately, since all of my race skis were currently halfway through Canada, I had to scrounge through my family’s ski collection to pull together a full set of equipment. With classic skis (that still had Klister on them from last spring), boots from 6th grade, and my dad’s classic poles, we set out for the man-made snow. Almost instantly, I had a huge appreciation for every single High School skier that goes to practice every day with equipment that doesn’t fit properly. I struggled to get kick and my technique felt like I was preparing for sections in 2007 rather than NCAA’s in 2015. Needless to say, by the end of the ski I very thankful to have quality equipment waiting for me in Lake Placid.


Photo Credit & Seat Partner: Tom Bye

The next day marked the beginning of our journey to New York. We got to the airport early, hoping to take the light rail to the Mall of America after checking our bags. As it turned out, our boarding passes had been voided and although our seats were reserved on the plane, they were not able to issue us tickets. 1.5 hours and multiple phone calls later, our bags were traveling down the conveyor belt and we were off to security.

After getting everyone through security, (complete with a full pat down of our foreigner) the day started to turn around. We boarded our flight and once in the air I began my favorite airplane pastime, napping! Two hours later, I awoke as we were landing in Albany with a sore butt and a huge kink in my neck.



#Dad1 #Dad2 #Happyfamily

Our first meal in New York was at this amazing restaurant called Delmonico’s. The service was phenomenal and the meal was even better. If I could make ravioli, I would love to try and replicate the dish, but there’s no way I can do it justice.

The last leg of our journey was a beautiful starry drive through the Appalachian mountains.  During our drive I finally had the chance to call Rachel back, and that’s when she broke the news that she is coming out to watch our races! RACHEL IS GOING TO BE IN NEW YORK!  I GET TO SEE RACHEL! If I hadn’t been buckled in, I probably would have gone through the roof with excitement. To top it off my parents had also informed me that I was just named CCSA skier of the week AND I had received a phone call offering me the position I was hoping for!

Our happy family had made it to Lake Placid!

Side note: At the beginning of the trip I came to the conclusion that I really should have a twitter account (@aliceflande). I still don’t really know how to do the social media thing, but fortunately I’m rooming with a hashtag pro. Learning how everything works has already provided quite a bit of entertainment and I think it’s going to be a lot more fun than expected.



Deedra and I previewing the course

Training Days

Our first full day in Lake Placid was spent checking out the venue, experiencing more amazing local cuisine and getting everything set up for the week.

Skating around the 5k loop on day one, I was super skeptical about the climbs and the profile of the course. Unlike the competition loop at Tech, the stadium is at the bottom of the mountain, meaning that the climbs happen early and the last half of the race has a lot of recovery. This isn’t a profile I’m used to and it’s going to take a lot of thinking to get my head where it needs to be before Wednesday, so I skied it two more times to try and absorb all of the information I could.



Apple Turkey Brie Sandwich

For lunch we went to one of the most popular breakfast places in town. Looking at the menu, I could easily see why the restaurant has a good reputation, there are multiple dishes that sound better than what I can make for myself. Finally, I decided to try their Apple Turkey Brie sandwich with a side of Sweet Potato fries. This was quite possibly the best sandwich I have ever had. The brie was the perfect amount of melty with the crunch and slight sourness of a granny smith apple combined with a heaping amount of thin sliced turkey all on a french-toast style bread. My culinary world had just been rocked. To make it even better, the sweet potato fries came with a sauce (chipotle aioli I think… but i’m really not sure) that made me want to have 4 stomachs.

We finished out the day by hanging out at the hotel and having some much needed relaxation. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

Live Streaming of Wednesday’s race:


One thought on “#LakePlacid2015: Part 1

  1. Great blog! I’m almost salivating from the description and pictures of the sandwich. Be glad you don’t have four stomachs, you’d be a cow ! MOO !!


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