My Story

The Athlete:

Soldier HollowAt Michigan Tech I was lucky enough to be recruited by their Varsity Nordic Ski team. That’s right, I ski up the hills too. I started skiing competitively when I was a freshman in high school. In high school I was also on the swim team and competed outside of school in marathon canoe racing.

I have had a huge amount of support throughout my athletic endeavors, and that support is a major contributor to the success that I’ve had. My senior year of high school I became (Junior) National Champion in canoe racing in two events, the sprint and the Barton Cup.   Due to my ties to the ski team at Michigan Tech, I have stopped competing in canoe racing and swimming, but this change in focus has not been in vain.

In March 2014, I competed at NCAA’s for skiing and became All-American in the freestyle race. This is a huge milestone that I could not have reached without the support from the people around me. I hope to keep making these people proud by improving upon this. Other notable results in skiing include: 5th place at the Minnesota State High School meet (2010), All-Region 2nd team (2011),  All-American at Junior Nationals in the freestyle race (2011), All-Region 1st team (2012), All-American at Junior Nationals in the classic sprint and the freestyle race (2012), National Champion 3x3k freestyle relay at Junior Nationals (2012), and All-Region 1st team (2014).

The Engineer:

MTUfrontpageIn 2010 I moved to Houghton, MI where I began my college career at Michigan Technological University. I am majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Structural Materials. I chose this major because of my passion for the environment, and the power civil engineers have to change the environment from the preventative side. I love the responsibility that a civil engineer has with respect to thinking about the future, not only for their design, but also for the environment where their designs are located.

The professors at Michigan Tech have taught me how to love what I do. They come to class with an excitement to teach that is infectious. Before college, I did not like going to school, doing homework was a chore, and all I wanted to do is play in the woods. Now, I still want to play in the woods, but I look forward to attending class and learning about how the world around us has been constructed.

The Adventurer:

Snowy PineWhen you go to school at Michigan Tech, every day is an adventure, especially in the middle of winter when there’s 36″ of snow predicted and you still have to make it to class. Luckily, there are very few things that will make me say “no” to an adventure. Going on adventures and helping others to have awesome experiences is one of the ways that I escape from the everyday life of a Student-Athlete. I am one of the Senior Staff members at the Outdoor Adventure Program(OAP) at Tech, and this job has reinforced my belief that great people can come from anywhere. From my experiences, one of the best ways to learn about a person is to take them camping, because in the woods, you can’t hide your true personality. In 2013 I lead a group of amazing people on a spring break trip to southern  Utah where we went mountain biking and soaked up as much sun as we could. Skiing has postponed many of the adventures that I hope to go on, but someday I will get to see the Giant Sequoias, I will do an Ironman, I will do the “Whole Enchilada” in Moab, I will go on an extended backpacking trip in either the Appalachian Mountains or on the Pacific Crest trail, and so many more things that I don’t even know exist yet!

Between ski practice, homework assignments, my responsibilities at the OAP, and making sure I get enough sleep each night, there aren’t many hours left in the day.  When school isn’t in session, and I’m not chasing snowflakes, it’s not uncommon to find me experimenting in the kitchen, throwing in the pottery studio, sewing some new training clothes or Halloween costumes, reading a good book, or trying to fix things with paperclips. Luckily I live with people who love to eat and there are lots of things that need fixing in my house.

Bare BluffsEverything that I do, I do because it makes me happy or brings happiness to the people around me. One of the greatest things I’ve learned from college is that you need to follow your dreams, and if you’re not happy about the situation you’re in, something needs to change.  Whenever a big life decision needs to be made, happiness should always be a factor in the decision matrix. Happiness is Paramount.


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