Civil Art

The firing is done and the pots turned out great! I’m super happy with how my civil themed dish set has turned out. It has been so much fun to have a creative outlet from school and skiing! It has also feels amazing to create something other than lab reports and complicated matrices.

For the plate I used the wax resist method to get the Quincy Mine and UP designs. These had to be re-fired because the first time they went through the kiln the sky came out looking like leopard spots because the glaze didn’t flow correctly. The mug is mixed media with the “cables” on the suspension bridge being fine wire that has been glued to the bridge frame with epoxy. Definitely not microwave safe, but makes a sweet pencil holder! You can’t see it in this picture, but the bowl has melted glass in the bottom making it look like a frozen lake.  It was so much fun to make the little truck going across the bridge. I’m pretty sure my classmates thought I’d been taken over by a toddler due to how much fun I had playing in the muddy water.

Civil Themed Dish Set

Civil Themed Dish Set

I never realize how much I miss the arts until they push themselves back into my life. This semester ceramics saved my sanity. It was the few hours a week where I could let out all of my frustrations with skiing and school and end up with something beautiful.  I’m super excited to share all of my projects with everyone and even have some cool ideas for what to make the next time I’m in an art class! Civil themed tea party to come soon!