2014-2015 Season


“the most important part of life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well”

Footprints in the snow
November 29th: 10k Skate, West Yellowstone, MT
Place: 34th          Time: 29:49

December 6th: 5K Skate, Houghton, MI
Place: 1st              Time: 13:57
December 7th: 10K Classic, Houghton, MI
Place: 13th            Time: 34:56
December 13th:  5K Skate, Marquette, MI
Place: 9th             Time: 13:34
December 14th:  10K Classic (Pursuit), Marquette, MI
Place: 13th            Time: 35:07
December 20th:  Classic Sprint, Houghton, MI
Place: 11th            Time: 4:49
December 21st: 10k Classic, Mass Start, Houghton, MI
Place: 9th             Time: 35:06

January 4th: 10k Skate, Houghton, MI
Place: 20th           Time: 32:40
January 5th: Classic Sprint, Houghton, MI
Place: 33rd            Time: 5:36
January 8th: 20k Classic, Mass start, Houghton, MI
Place: 35th            Time: 1: 17:10
January 10th: Skate Sprint, Houghton, MI
Place: 19th             Time: 4:40
January 17th: 5k Classic, Cable, WI
Place: 8th              Time: 12:38IMG_0640
January 18th: 10k Skate, Cable, WI
Place: 2nd             Time: 34:23
January 24th: 10k Classic, Mass Start, St. Paul, MN
Place: 21st            Time: 33:19
January 25th: 5k Skate, St. Paul, MN
Place: 1st              Time: 14:50
February 13th: 15k Classic, Mass Start, Minneapolis, MN
Place: 12th            Time: 46:41
February 14th: 5k Skate, Minneapolis, MN
Place: 1st               Time: 13:53
February 21th: 5k Skate, Marquette, MI
Place: 4th              Time: 16:32
February 28th: 5k Skate, Marquette, MI
Place: 1st                Time: 15:09
March 1st: 
15k Classic, Mass Start, Marquette, MI
Place: 12th             Time: 47:06

Post Season
March 11th:  NCAA’s 5k Skate, Lake Placid, NY
Place: 21st              Time: 15:35
March 13th: NCAA’s 15k Classic, Lake Placid, NY
Place: 27th             Time: 51:57


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